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Sew Steady Holiday Bling Table Package 

  • Versa Table: 13.5" x 16" (your choice of color)

  • Versa Bag

  • Bling Necklace

  • Ruler Jewel for Measuring 1/8"-2" Markings

Get your colorful table for your sewing machine and your sewing room will begin to sing with happy and joyful and calming colors that make you feel amazing! Holiday Bling Table package includes 13.5″ x 16.25″ Versa Core Sew Steady Portable Table. Includes: 4 legs, 15″ x 20″ Versa Bag, Bling Necklace and Jewel Ruler. Our Sew Steady Versa Core Tables are made to order to fit a specific sewing machine, not offered for serger models. Use the 16” x 13.5” Core only for small spaces and small projects.

Colorful Table Available in 5 Colors:

Purple, Red, Electric Pink, Electric Orange, and Electric Blue

How Nice have your Been this year! You might consider getting some a little extra special!

  • Nice: Consider adding a Light Stick for $20

  • Good: Get a 13.5″ x 16.25″ Extension making the table 16″ x 27″ & Glider for $119 More

  • Angelic: Get it all the Bling Table Package, Add the Extension plus the glider and the, Light!


These sewing tables are custom to your specific sewing machine, so be sure you have the model number.  You may want to take a picture of it just in case.  We do have a sample in store for you to explore. Orders will only be placed in store or over the phone (318-278-7148). 

Production and delivery takes about 3 weeks, so order yours now to have it in time for placing under the tree (or on your table)!


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