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The 5" charm rolls on quilting cotton feature a captivating assortment of 21 unique patterns, each thoughtfully replicated four times within the collection. This meticulous repetition not only ensures a harmonious balance in the overall design but also offers quilters ample opportunities for creative exploration. 

With a total of 84 squares, each pattern is well-represented, allowing for diverse combinations and visually striking quilt layouts. The repetition of these charming patterns in the 5" charm rolls not only enhances the cohesiveness of quilting projects but also provides a delightful and efficient way for crafters to experiment with different arrangements and colour schemes in their creations.


2.5 inch width is the standard with of most jelly rolls, strip rolls and strip packs so is a great complement to any that you currently have in your stash. The 2.5 inch width on a roll solo will create a 2 inch wide finished strip once seam allowances have been sewn in, using a ¼ inch seam allowance.

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